Два года назад — Марлин поставила ботинок на скамью, прежде чем перемахнуть, усевшись рядом с Сириусом. Последний ее курс — предпоследний его. Ботинки — выглядели новым, но по факту — обмененные у одной из знакомых. Марлин тогда активно жестикулировала, настойчиво попросив Сириуса — сходить с ней на концерт. Сейчас — она связалась с ним обычным способом, также активно жестикулируя, и упоминая в одном предложении Basczax, Nashville Rooms и послезавтра. Она посмотрела прямо, прежде чем спросить и получить ответ. [читать дальше]

KICKS & GIGGLES crossover

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to find the piece of you

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[indent] What is childhood like? It's a little like dying, a little like being born. Which is to say, it's nothing you can remember, but you know there was blood.

[nick]duncan locke[/nick][icon]https://i.imgur.com/4a6cE8M.jpg[/icon][fandom]locke & key[/fandom][char]Дункан Локк[/char][lz]not your fault, not mine, just is.[/lz]



What Rendall doesn’t seem to grasp for the longest time is the fact that it’s not him, Duncan, getting the key easily, as if they float to the upturned palms of his, but that the Keyhouse, blind and still, actually listens, keeps an ear out for any guilty pleas, faint whispers loitering among countless rooms.

Duncan talks — leaves his echo running down the stairs, lets his words scatter under dusty refrigerator down the cellar, hangs his doubts up the spiderweb-touched lamps, and stuffs shadows of every nook and cranny with own murmur. He’s subtle, quiet; lonely. There’s not much for him to do around the Keyhouse, but to explore it on his own. Now, that he’s all alone.

Rendall, all white and loose, an echo of him floating around the well, says, ‘Just be careful, Dunk. They are addictive and dangerous’, and there’s not much Duncan can say back, except if it’s Randall’s experiences talking in a vast stillness of the well, but that would be cruel and insensitive, in a way Rendall’s death has been cruel and insensitive to him, Duncan.

The Keyhouse listens and guides — that’s how Locke finds them, the keys. Peaking from under creaky, crooked floorboards, or up massive wooden clock with peeled gilding, or in a pothole behind endless, ever-stretching racks down the cellar. They are never addictive, always relieving; they help him out in navigating mundane life in a place that seems to have no space for him.

Randall just doesn’t get it; might never get it, even.

Duncan sees glimpses of himself in a dusty mirror: thin, freckled skin stretched over bones, rumpled shaggy hair, and withered glare staring back at him. Duncan can’t count times when he’s looked at himself and had an urge to turn away, wipe image off his mind, swipe this latching, weighing feeling off him — as if he’s a body two-sizes too small, stuck and doomed.

He bites his tongue before a question leaves him, didn’t you used them to be someone else? to experience something new?

Didn’t they want to be themselves?

‘Hey Dodge, did you take the key from me?'

[nick]duncan locke[/nick][icon]https://i.imgur.com/4a6cE8M.jpg[/icon][fandom]locke & key[/fandom][char]Дункан Локк[/char][lz]not your fault, not mine, just is.[/lz]

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[indent] 'the fuck do you want,' dodge mutters to himself when a crooked form of candice whedon breaks the seal of his well-thought-out routine by entering the cafe. she looks around – the way she always does, like a vulture in search of rotten flesh – until the cataract drop of her pupil catches luke behind the counter, and the nerves under the loose skin of her face tighten.
[indent] 'i need two pieces of lemon ricotta cake.'
[indent] 'sold out. it's pumpkin season.'
[indent] 'don't i get a fucking "good afternoon"?'
[indent] 'you can get a fucking "piss off". and it comes with a free cup of '"never fucking come back in here again", too.'
[indent] they stare at each other while dodge patiently wipes the water off of the doll-sized espresso cups, lined up in front of him like bathtubs for runaway memories (his thoughts drift away towards the little cupboard he hid dunkan's memories in – something he rarely thinks about these days – and how they would've loved a ride in these silly mini cups reminiscent of mad tea party ride at disneyworld but are forced to stay in glass jars all locked up and forgotten – literally).
[indent] 'doesn't your little sign say everyone's welcome?'
[indent] '"everyone except vile old bitches" isn't customer-friendly.'

[indent] for a second there, while she can't come up with a retort, it's possible to catch a glimpse of a person buried underneath, a tired and miserable woman who lost the only root she ever had – the one she treated like shit and made believe she was actually nothing more than that, the one she was never worthy of anyway and yet the one whose death still managed to shake something up inside of her. for a second – until her lips curl into a smile:

[indent] 'you might think you have everyone fooled,' she starts, and luke raises an eyebrow, more cautious than curious, 'not me, though. i know it was you,' voice filled with poison, 'it doesn't even matter how, if you pushed her or just stood there like a moron, even if you hadn't been there at all - her death would've been on you. little rich fuckboy playing with his white trash princess – honestly, i still can't understand why, not because of her looks, that's for sure, maybe because she had always been easy...'
[indent] 'jesus, candy, leave the kid alone. luke, don't...'
[indent] 'go choke on a dick, candice.'
[indent] '...respond to that....'
[indent] 'oh, wait. no one would ever offer you one. after all, that's why you're here, harassing the living shit out of people, isn't it?'

[indent] luke had to hand it to her – for a nine-hundred-year old gargoyle she turned out to be pretty strong (the salt shaker broke several bottles above his head, and a piece of glass got stuck in the cartilage of his right ear – about two inches to his left and it would've been his skull; the doctor still insisted on suturing). dodge had to close up earlier and drive all the way from the hospital to the Keyhouse, boiling in disappointment, planning a maybe binge-watch session of law and order.
[indent] the end of this marvelous day had other plans for him, though.

[indent] 'what? oh... well. i guess, not no?'

[icon]https://i.pinimg.com/564x/b0/e2/42/b0e2423fc32ca69a6c7a09fa45d2ac85.jpg[/icon][nick]dodge[/nick][fandom]locke & key[/fandom][char]lucas 'dodge' caravaggio[/char][lz]they danced through the day and into the night through the snow that swept through the hall - from winter to summer then winter again 'til the walls did crumble and fall[/lz]

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